How Awesome Can A 5D4N Bali Trip Get?

We headed to Bali end June to take a break and for the young ladies to enjoy themselves before school started. This was a memorable trip as we explored and had interesting experiences. First of all, I must say that this is kind of like my third time in Bali but really my first as a real tourist.

So, what did we do? It’s just too long and boring to go into the details of the entire trip so I’ll just give the gist and let the pictures do the talking. Just head there for your own experience.



Second time at the The Bistrot, which in my opinion is a little pricey depending on what you splurge on but what the heck, aren’t we on a holiday? And the place is just so lovely.

And like all tourist, we arranged for a tour to watch the traditional Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu and dinner on the beach at Jimbaran Bay. I know it sounds a little crazy but my favorite part of dinner was getting the grilled corn by the beach. I know, the rest were feasting on their lobsters, clams and what have you not but I am not really bothered.



Yes, I know. It’s awesome. We also had the chance to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. There is a signboard informing visitors the dos and do-nots. I personally attest to the point that says DO NOT CARRY ANY PLASTIC BAG. I bought some stuff at a shop within the forest. Walked a little farther and only to find a strong tug behind me. My plastic bag got ripped in the process of snatching and I think it did pissed the little one off. Enjoyed my experience there but indeed, coming up close and personal with these little ones can be quite intimidating.



Besides the shopping, one of the things I enjoyed was the good food. It ranged from the hotel breakfast to actually, everything. Perhaps now reading, you will most likely be like you serious? Hotel breakfast? Yes, I am not kidding when I say I did extremely enjoy my Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Made upon order. Throughout the trip, we had Peking Duck replica which was delicious and we specially made the trip back. We first visited Corner House in Seminyak last September and it is one of the places to return to when we revisit. We also revisited Pak Malan to have our Babi Guling (a.k.a Indonesian Suckling Pig), as well as the traditional Nasi Campur.

P/S: Drooling is permitted.


Another tourist thing we did was to visit the Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. I am sure it is an awesome sight but honestly, the idea of trekking on a not so friendly terrain killed it for me. My thought is just head to a nearby cafe to have a picturesque view of the rice field.



After a disappointing experience, we decided to head to our favourite place, Nook. Perfect place to spend your day. Book in hand and laze on the comfortable sofa overlooking rice fields. Wonderful. A highly recommended must go place whether as a couple, a group of friends or just the whole family hanging out together. Everything is Instagrammable, from the food to any wierd spot in the cafe. I am not kidding… It was so good we had a model to pose for us.



The highlight of the trip for me was an unforgettable 2 hour horse riding session through the rice fields and onto the beach. Priceless experience.



To sum it up, it was a perfect getaway for me. All these experiences and still finding slots for my pedi, massages. I am a happy person.